Why Choose Adriana Aviation

Becoming a pilot can be an expensive and time consuming pursuit.

At Adriana Aviation we can train pilots to an exceptional standard and elevate many of the draw backs that exist in the process. Here are just some of the reasons why we believe Adriana Aviation is the best choice for any potential pilot. 

1.     Cost - A study commissioned by the Daily Telegraph showed it costs many pilots between 75,000 to 125,00 pounds. With us you would get the exact same training for around 50% less. To go from zero flying experience to becoming a frozen ATPL pilot.

2.     Time - Our training is done via a modular training process. In the UK a student training this way would expect it too take between 2-5 years. This training can take just 8 months with us, going through all inclusive full time training.

3.     Commitment to quality - Gone is the notion quality must come with a huge price tag. Our facility is exceptionally well kept and well maintained.  We have a modern and ever expanding fleet of aircraft along with top of the range simulators. Adriana Aviation has experienced staff committed to training and developing pilots to be the best they can be in and outside the airplane.

4.     Life experience - Training at Adriana aviation gives students the chance to live abroad and experience another culture while staying at wonderful hotel. The hotel is a converted traditional farm building that has been modernised to an exceptional standard while still keeping a huge amount of its charm and character. Adriana Aviation is surrounded by beautiful countryside and vibrant cities. Been a pilot gives you the chance to experience the world. Why not take advantage of that at the earliest opportunity.